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Smart Screens: the next frontier. An open letter to dummy CEOs.

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), SNE, SSNLF

For a homebody like me, the use of technology is inseparable to my experiences and entertainment. You can call me a tech addict. What I have come to realize though is that each device is not smart enough to please me. I need many devices connected to one another. A TV, a media centre, an amplifier, a satellite box, speakers etc etc. Not to mention the endless cables that are impossible to hide.

My quality of entertainment will be so much better when the dummies who run large companies like Apple, Sony or Samsung realize that all I need is exactly two smart screens. As an Apple shareholder, I would say that I need something like a 60 inch iMac and a keyboard sized iPad. The only cable would be the electric one.

The technology is here yet both Samsung's and Sony's internet TVs are a joke. They give you not even a fraction of the experience from the one that you have if you simply connect a $300 pc with your home tv. Apple is losing money by doing nothing.

If a CEO is listening, your company would make billions by following my advice. Personally I would sack many CEOs from LA to Tokyo or Seoul for stupidity.

Smart screens are the future. Smart screens that can in essence provide you with everything you need. Today everybody is at war for the small portable devices but they don't see the forrest; only the trees. In the smart "phones" the actual "phone experience" is nothing but a fraction of the total experience. The evolution of the smart phones are the tablets and the evolution of the tablets are the smart Televisions. Smart Screens are the goldmines of the future.

I could sell all my 3200 shares of AAPL that I bought in 1996 for the company that delivers just that. Smart Screens. A multibillion market fragmented to various devices form a single device that does not yet exist.

Details of the specifications on demand.

Disclosure: I am long AAPL.