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A New Swing Trade Alert Series!

The Long And Short Of It

Announcing a new series, "The Long And Short Of It"
Several times a week, I will alert what I perceive to be good long and short plays. Usually, they'll just be developing.
Hopefully all will prosper and enjoy these, mostly Bounce-Swing plays (NASDAQ:LONG) and the reverse such (Short).
Likely the duration of the play will be overnight to three days but could be shorter or longer if you deem.
Generally I won't post my exits so not to be a spoilsport to those still in the play and to save time.
As the idiom suggests, "long and short of it" will be bare bones- to the point!

Plays alerted last week were all longs: ICUI, GME & RYI.

A few "safety" tips for less experienced traders:

*A sufficient level of competency is assumed for my plays. If you are inexperienced, lay back and paper (simulate/pretend) trade 'til you understand what is involved and can act knowingly.
*Bet less than you'd like to is a good maxim.
*Feathering into a position is safer than betting the whole allocation at once. I give myself three stabs at it.
*If my loss is more than 5%, I usually get the hell out of the play. There is always another play coming 'round the corner.
*And of course, always take full responsibility for pressing the keypads- you are buying and selling, not me. Here's what I say in the header of my mothballed ihub board, Big Board Trading:

You alone are responsible for the stocks you buy or sell. Stock trading is very dangerous. You could lose all your money- many have! Simulate (pretend) trading for a few years first- it's still fun and you'll be mighty glad you did.

Good Trading, all. Let's make money and have fun doing it!

Disclosure: I am/we are long GME, RYI.