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Friday, October 7, 2011,, DIA, Refer to:  DIA ETF WaveSignalGuideChart Trader's Edge Guide Chart for September 2011. Release No. 2  at:


DIA ETF WaveSignalGuideChart  ProtectVEST and AdvanceVEST by EchovectorVEST Trader's Edge Guide Chart: DIA: September 2011 Release No. 2


Taking note of the first week of July 2011 'Quarterly EchoVector BackEcho' Price Bottom coming in at about $118 on the DIA, and the DIA's subsequent rally through the July 'earnings report calendar month' to a top of about $127.5, being a gain from phase bottom of about $9.5, or about 8%. 


EchoVectorVEST sees this $9-10 point additional gain on the DIA equivalency basis, from the recent current phase bottom of $104 which occurred earlier this week within this Echo-phase of the Quarterly EchoVector, as a significant price level Quarterly EchoVector Price Challenge Area, to any price level gains from the 104 DIA price bottom, occurring through this month. 


Presently, EchovectorVest calls for the re-application of full portfolio hedge insurance lifted at $104 on the DIA equivalency basis earlier this week in this 'plus $9.5 higher' area. Short-term oversold conditions seem moderating.


$104 plus $9.5 equals $113.5  So, in EchoectorVEST'sV current view, the $11,300 to $11,400 price area on the DJIA30 represents a key challenge area to any price gains this October 2011 earnings report month from this week's low of $10,400. On the bi-quarterly EchoVector this is a plus $13.2 on the DIA. So the $117.5 area remains a key challenge area to the DIA also going forward.  These are areas for consideration of primary major market hedge insurance application.


The Trader's Edge Guide Chart: DIA: October 2011 Release No. 1, will be released for public viewing soon.


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