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Friday October 14 2011 9AMEST UPDATE www. DIA and the Major Market going into next week...

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2011, Friday, October 14, 2011, 9AMEST UPDATE: DIA: Going into next week..., Friday, October 14, 2011, 9AMEST: DIA: Going into next week...
Friday, October 14, 2011,, DIA, Refer to:  DIA ETF WaveSignalGuideChart Trader's Edge Guide Chart for September 2011. Release No. 2  at:
DIA ETF WaveSignalGuideChart  ProtectVEST and AdvanceVEST by EchovectorVEST Trader's Edge Guide Chart: DIA: September 2011 Release No. 2
EchoVectorVEST had projected the 8%, or about 10-point gain on the DIA equivalency basis from the recent current phase bottom of $104 which occurred early this month within this Echo-phase of the Quarterly EchoVector as a significant price level Quarterly EchoVector Price Challenge Area to price level gains.  The market has stalled just above this range for several days testing the 8% gains through the active earnings announcement period this week. 
Also mentioned in earlier releases, the QQQ remains a key driver in market advances and support this month.  And earnings announcements have tended to support this trend.
And, as also mentioned in earlier releases, on the bi-quarterly EchoVector basis, this $10 quarterly EchoVector gain swells to a plus $13.2 on the DIA.   So the range from $114 to $117.5 remains key challenge area to the DIA going forward.   These are areas for consideration of eventual and wise primary major market hedge insurance re-application.
Presently, EchovectorVest suggest wisdom may reside in the re-application of full portfolio hedge insurance, lifted at $104 on the DIA equivalency basis, in the 114-117.5 range on the DIA equivalency basis this week, or shortly after the completion of the Tech Concentrated period of the Quarterly Cycle Earnings announcements. Short-term oversold conditions have been moderating.
ProtectVEST also recognizes the possibility of further positive price construction, at the margin, through the ordinarily relatively strong 4TH Quarter Annual Seasonality; however, at this time, ProtectVEST does not see wisdom in significant unhedged market exposure beyond 117 on the DIA equivalency basis due to major currents active and impending in the economy this pre-Presidential Election year. 

The Trader's Edge Guide Chart: DIA: October 2011 Release No. 1, with additional focus, will be released for public viewing soon.
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