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Current USO ETF Trader's Edge EasyGuideChart By ProtectVEST And AdvanceVEST, EchoVectorVEST, MDPP

|Includes: The United States Oil ETF, LP (USO)

A Current USO ETF EchoVector and EchoBackDate Price Analysis:

Provided by ProtectVEST and AdvanceVEST by EchoVectorVEST

There has been a tremendous amount of interest and much media attention given to the energy markets recently, particularly to the market prices of crude oil and gasoline. The 'seasonal' February through April price strength period has manifested itself yet once again this year with vigor.

Provided below is an excellent graphical illustration of this year's price seasonality, and much more. Provided also is a significant graphical illustration of the many regular annual price 'ebbs and flows' experienced in the USO ETF the last several years.

A close examination of the chart below can significantly aid the portfolio manager and the trader in the management of their market position analysis and responsibilities and their reasonable forecasts in the USO ETF, and related ETF's, and commodity futures, and indexes with an emphasis on seasonal and historical conditions and historical price patterns... and echovectors.

Suggestive analysis and key notes of interest are presented below following the chart.

ProtectVEST and AdvanceVEST by EchoVectorVEST

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Trader's Edge Master EasyGuideChart

4-Year Weekly OHLC Chart

With Key Active Annual EchoVectors And Annual EchoBackWeeks's Highlighted:




EchoBackPeriods, and


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On Chart Above:

1. Be aware of month 4 in the Annual and Bi-Annual Cycles

2. Note first 3 weeks of month 5.

3. Note the 'price level low' of the first week of May, and how it proves to be 'around top or close to sell-down price level,' occurring at end of July and beginning of August's 'mid-2/-3rd week's summer top.'

4. Be aware of momentum reversal at the end of September and the beginning of October, after downside price consolidation.

5. Be aware of the 'about one quarter earlier in time' momentum bottom occurring at the end of June/early July. Note that reversal is good for first month, of three subsequent months, leading to October, and failing around beginning of August. This forms a cone with June/July and Sept/Oct bottoms with an August 'pointed top'.

6. In our view, these are significant seasonal relative strength reversal periods and indicators. EchoVectors and EchoVector EchoBackDates are significant in the analysis, forecast, and current price and price level measurements here.

7. Note the importance of week 6 low and the week 9 high, and sell-off from week 9 to week 11, in the Winter EchoVector Quarter (following the prior fall and summer quarterly weekly High and Low weekly momentum pattern deltas, within a quarterly and bi-quarterly echovector and echobackvector analysis, focusing on key EchoBackWeek highs and lows.

Within your own working analytic frame, re-topologize the 3 -Year OHLC daily price action charts for further definition and precision revelation, and then re-topologize those further to 'hourly intra-day and further discrete price action for even further 'resolution and revelation'. Then overlay this data with regular announcement schedule information, special inventory and/or production announcement information occurrences, and further with related macro-event impacting announcements... all for increased and even further definition, forecast, and management insight and effectiveness.


ProtectVEST and AdvanceVEST by EchoVectorVEST

Divisions of Motion Dynamics and Precision Pivots

Bradford Market Research and Analytics

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Disclosure: I am short USO.