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Looking Closely At The DIA And The /YM EchoVectors


Looking Closely At The DIA And The /YM EchoVectors

Note the relative short-term reduction in downside sell-pressure strength occurring on an QEV, 2QEV, and AEV basis, looking into next week, then the significant resumption in relative sell pressure following thereafter, well into the second week of the JAJO earnings calendar weight-heavy monthly set, and within each correlated quarter's relative EBDs within this calendar year.

EBD EchoBackDate

QEV Quarterly EchoVector

2QEV Bi-Quarterly Echovector

AEV Annual EchoVector

JAJO Jan-Apr-Jul-Oct Months



Closing into the low today tends to not be short-term technically positive regarding tomorrow's open, ceteris paribus, although this is not a hard and fast rule.