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Perpetual Income With Closed-End Funds Ebook


I thank you for your patience while I took a brief break from Seeking Alpha

I have completed my e-book about creating perpetual income using closed-end funds

I would welcome any thoughts or suggestions to better my readers' experience

Having invested in closed-end funds for nearly ten years now, I have become a big proponent of creating a steady stream of income using these investment vehicles.  With helpful advice and encouragement from the Seeking Alpha community, and my readers in particular, I decided to consolidate my thoughts on my own investing philosophy and create a book out of it.  This is new territory for me, and required a brief break from writing for Seeking Alpha.  Thanks for your patience.

My experience with Seeking Alpha not only gave me the boost I needed to pursue this venture, but it has also played a big part in my investment strategy overall.  I couldn't help but mention this a few times in the book.  Thanks for your encouragement.

If interested, you can access my e-book at: Perpetual Income With Closed-End Funds.  It also includes my current portfolio and my target position sizes.  My next goal is to create an e-course on the subject.  I would welcome your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and for being a part of my adventure. 8/17/17

UPDATE (May 2018): I have also created an e-course using the same material as in the e-book, but with the addition of quizzes to solidify students' understanding of the material, instructions for using several online resources, downloadable spreadsheets, action steps and checklists. The book explains the investment strategy, while the course adds to it more actionable material for the closed-end fund novice. Please see the description of the course at Faithful Steward Academy.

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