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Tomorrow: Exercise caution then attack

I apologize for today's miscalculation. I was almost positive the bull elation would continue into the bell. Euro worries caused a sell off beginning at 230pm stemming from a FT article. Nonetheless, I have a really bad feeling about tomorrow. German inflation and France GDP numbers are due out, as well as US durable orders. I am currently in all cash and 2500 SPXU, bought at 18 with 1 dollar stop, which is now 17.73. If all pass the market's test, we should continue to rally, and substantially. Besides having a low risk/high reward 3x short via SPXU, I am in cash and eagerly waiting on the sidelines. Waiting for further direction & better long/short entry points(top/bottom of range, not middle)... Goal for tomorrow is to execute 1 swing option trade for profits of $500-1000. I am looking at FAS $11 weekly calls/ $12puts, and $18 October SPXU calls. 1 10-20 point SP500 swing will achieve this goal: the key is timing, breaking down the fundamentals correctly, and technically forecasting the direction. If we fall and/ or bounce and I think we fall after, I will buy the puts/ SPXU calls.  If we climb and/ or fall, and I believe we shouldn't due to positive macroeconomic data, I will go long via FAS $11 weekly calls. My belief, since the data will provide an accurate portrayal of the macro outlook slash inflationary/deflationary landscape, depending on how the data is perceived, we either rally hard, to 1210, or fall hard to 1150. In less words, tomorrow, and the rest of the week are extremely pivotal in my opinion, and will provide  future market direction. It is the end of the month and quarter, but data trumps windows dressing. However, if the data is good, the dressing will be better. 

PS - Dollar strength should be monitored. EUO is solid play, maybe just not right now. The Euro interest rates will be cut by 50 points by the end of the year. I anticipate 10-20% more gains and the EUR/USD @ 1.20 by 1/1.