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Massive's Missives

By closing under 1100, United States markets joined the international bear market party. The prudent ECRI called recession. Firms are slashing guidance, price targets, growth, and whatever else can be good for the economy. I am sticking with my 750 sp500 call by 3/1. However, I expect a 5-10% bounce sometime in the short term. May precede another leg down or materialize in a dead cat bounce after. May link up with earnings season( great numbers, but unsustainable), allowing bulls one last exit/ shake out undetermined bears. So, how do I expect this to play out?

In a time sense, I see 2008-9. Presidential election will be nasty, increasing volatility. Technically, 1937-8 seems like the most logical comparison. Shouldn't touch 2009 lows, but pain/recovery fresh in mind, just like in 1937-8.



I think the worst is yet to come. Our politicians refuse to tackle our ailments (job creation, wages in comparison to inflation, and debt).

However, I continue to bet on the US long term, just need competent politicians acting not in their best interests, but in that of their constituents.