Seeking Alpha fires a shot at Bloomberg, StreetAccount

|By:, SA News Editor

We spoke to our users. You told us Seeking Alpha is already your go-to provider of short-form breaking news. And you said that bullet points - the format favored by market professionals and popularized by expensive news providers like Bloomberg and StreetAccount - would make Market Currents even more awesome. We listened.

So today, our flagship short-form news - Market Currents - moves to a lightning-fast, easy-to-digest bulleted format.

Every Market Current now has a title, making it easier to skim the headlines and decide what to read and what to skip.

Seeking Alpha will continue to disrupt the short-form news market, and we'll always be free. Next up: Contributed news and commentary from industry insiders.

How do you like the bulleted format? How can we make Market Currents even better? Please let us know in the comments...