Repros dips on concern over the validity of its Androxal patent

|About: Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX)|By:, SA News Editor

Repros Therapeutics (RPRX -2.8%) dips on a negative article in saying the company is worried about the validity of its Androxal patent.

Despite reassurances by RPRX, recent action it's taken to obtain a declaratory judgment affirming its intellectual property rights in a Texas court suggests the company is actually much more worried than it lets on about the risk of it being invalidated.

A New York urologist has accused RPRX CEO Joe Podolski of stealing the idea for Androxal from him after a face-to-face meeting in New York City.

Podolski denies Fisch's theft charge, but Repros began developing the drug after the meeting between the two men.