WSJ: Facebook wants $2M/day for video ads; Zuck tries to strike balance

|About: Facebook (FB)|By:, SA News Editor

Execs familiar with Facebook's (FB +0.2%) video ad efforts tell the WSJ the company plans to charge $2M/day for ads that reach the company's entire audience of adults aged 18-54. Advertisers can also pay less to target specific age and gender-based demographic groups.

Bloomberg previously reported Facebook is looking to charge $1M-$2.5M/day for 15-second video ads, depending on audience reach, and AdAge reported Facebook is thinking of selling 4 daily video ad slots.

The WSJ also reports Mark Zuckerberg "set an especially high bar" for Facebook's video ad developer team. Zuck is reportedly intent on having video ads load quickly, and without alienating users or hurting engagement.

Ad execs state Facebook's video ads will automatically play without sound, and that a user will have to click/tap on an ad to enable audio.

The ads will "appear prominently" in news feeds, and users will be "exposed to one video advertiser per day." They'll be able to see additional ads from an advertiser by swiping right-to-left. Several major brands are reportedly on board.