Vringo ticks higher after Google workaround documents don't appear

|By:, SA News Editor

Vringo (VRNG +1.8%) is up after a deadline for Google to present evidence backing up its claim to have developed a workaround that allows its AdWords search ad platform to avoid infringing Vringo's IP comes and goes without legal documents being published on the PACER site. A Vringo document presenting evidence to counter Google's claim hasn't appeared either.

The court handling Vringo's suit against Google gave the parties until Aug. 25 to present evidence related to their workaround arguments. The next deadline is Sep. 25, the point in time where Google's expert witness reports are due.

Vringo was up over 6% in premarket trading on relatively heavy volume. A 50K-share block trade cleared the wires.

Update: SA commenters note the documents wouldn't be filed on PACER. Vringo is now close to breakeven on a down day for tech.