Asian shares higher as Syria action set for delay

|By:, SA News Editor

Asian shares mostly rise as divisions in the U.S. and U.K. look likely to have delayed military intervention in Syria, which, says Guillaume Dumans of research firm 2Bremans, "is prompting a number of investors to bet on a rebound."

Emerging markets that have been hit badly recently are enjoying some respite, although other factors are in play as well, such as the RBI selling dollars to Indian oil companies, a move that has boosted the rupee.

Meanwhile, gold and oil, which rose because of the tension, are lower. Gold is -0.7% and oil -0.8%.

However, fears that any action, if and when it does come, could cause a wider conflagration, is keeping markets on edge. Iran has already threatened to attack Israel if Syria is hit.

Japan +0.9%, Hong Kong +0.8%, China -0.2%, India +2%, Indonesia +1.8%, Malaysia +1%, Thailand +1.1%.