Amazon officially announces Paperwhite, de-emphasizes Kindle brand

|By:, SA News Editor

Shortly after a listing for a new Kindle Paperwhite came and went, Amazon (AMZN +2.8%) has officially unveiled the device. As previously leaked, the new Paperwhite begins shipping on Sep. 30. It'll cost $119 with built-in ads, and $139 without ads. (PR)

In addition to an improved display and CPU, Amazon is integrating content and sharing tools for top book discussion site Goodreads, which Amazon acquired for $150M-$200M earlier this year.

Parental controls, a page preview option, a "Page Flip" tool for scanning texts, and a "Smart Lookup" tool for phrases have also been added.

Interestingly, the new Paperwhite only says "Amazon" on its back, and not "Kindle" (it still says "Kindle" on the front). An Amazon exec says the change is due to the fact the Amazon brand is better-known internationally.

The Verge, after spending a few minutes with the new Paperwhite: "While it's definitely an iterative update, the tweaks Amazon made improve what is probably the finest e-reader we've ever used." Is it good enough to convince e-book fans to continue using both an e-reader and a tablet, instead of only the latter device?