Rockwell Medical continues to scream higher post-CRUISE-2 results

|About: Rockwell Medical, Inc. (RMTI)|By:, SA News Editor

Rockwell Medical (RMTI) is up 9.5% premarket.

The shares have put together a rather impressive two-day rally coming into Friday, rising 9% Wednesday on the back of positive SFP data from CRUISE-2 and another 32% Thursday as Summer Street decided $25 sounded like a reasonable price target on the shares (that's good for a 354% gain from pre-CRUISE-2 levels).

Even Adam Feuerstein is out with what (for him) is an upbeat take: "I like the RMTI story. Administering small doses of maintenance iron to patients via the dialysate used during the hemodialysis procedure makes a lot of sense."

SA contributor EXPstocktrader (who flagged the near-term catalyst the day before the data was released) calls SFP a "game changer."