KongZhong continues run, announces Guild Wars 2 beta

|About: KongZhong Corporation (KZ)|By:, SA News Editor

KongZhong (KONG +7.4%) shares continue to run as the company announces that it will conduct a second closed beta of Guild Wars 2 in China, starting Sept. 17.

Although no definitive launch date for the game has been set, Kongzhong's exclusive publishing rights to the game could be very valuable. Guild Wars 2 has taken the crown as the all-time fastest-selling MMORPG in the West (3M copies in 9 months). The game's developer, ArenaNet, expects Guild Wars 2 to “experience rapid growth once it releases in China, where the player-base has the potential to exceed that of the West.”

KONG is up 26.4% on the week and up 132% YTD.