Zuck: Facebook engagement stronger on mobile than PCs

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Countering the view that matching Facebook's (FB) huge share of PC usage on mobile will be tough due to the fact it's simply one of many installed apps on user devices, Mark Zuckerberg stated at TechCrunch Disrupt Facebook accounts for 1/5 of user time spent mobile (per comScore), better than its 1/7 share on PCs.

Zuck also insisted Facebook isn't giving up on its oft-criticized Home Android UI. Home will soon integrate content from Instagram and 3rd-party social networks (Twitter?), and will also begin to be promoted via Facebook's site/apps. Facebook has been gradually addressing user complaints about Home, but it still only has a rating of 2.5/5 stars on Google Play.

A lot of time was spent talking up Facebook's efforts to grow its developer ecosystem, and in doing so become a platform that 3rd-party sites/apps rely on for much more than basic social sharing.

The app development/management tools Facebook obtained by acquiring startup Parse are central to those efforts.  Parse, used by 100K+ apps, rolled out a big update last week that included new analytics tools and cloud services modules.

Investors are taking Zuck's talk in stride. FB +0.3% AH after rising 3.3% in regular trading.

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