China plans to cut coal use, shut polluters, to improve air quality

|By:, SA News Editor

China says it will aim to reduce its coal consumption to below 65% of its total primary energy use by 2017, releasing a set of new measures to improve air quality including a target to cut the density of PM2.5 and other harmful particulates in city areas by more than 10% from 2012.

Coal (KOL) currently produces ~70% of China's power; its heavy reliance on cheap fossil fuel energy and high densities of PM2.5 - dangerous particulates with a diameter of less than 2.5 microns - have caused serious air pollution and health problems.

WLT -3.8%, BTU -0.6%, CNX -0.3%, ACI -1.9%, ANR -2.2%, JRCC -3.2%, YZC -3.1%.