"Pimco premium" vanishing

|By:, SA News Editor

That bond funds - specifically Pimco bond funds - have tumbled in value as rates flew higher this summer isn't news. Instead, it's the vanishing "Pimco premium" in the firm's closed-end offerings.

The Dynamic Credit Income Fund (PCI +0.9%) is off nearly 18% since its launch earlier this year as an initial premium of 9% is now a 9% discount. Others include PDI now at a 8.2% discount vs. a previous average of -2.4%.

Others still trade at premiums, but of vastly smaller size. PTY is at 6.6% premium vs. a 3-year average of 17.8%. PHK remains at a whopping 50.7% premium, but down from 75% last year.

"Was (it) the epoch that made the man as opposed to the man that made the epoch," wrote Bill Gross (BOND), wondering if his success was the result of being in the right place at the right time (the 30-year bond bull market).

Others of note: PKO, PCN, PCI, PFN.