Colorado floods shut nearly 1,900 wells

|By:, SA News Editor

Almost 1,900 wells in northeast Colorado have been shut in after last weekend's flooding, as operators worked to determine the impacts on oil and gas installations in the Denver-Julesberg basin, the state's richest field.

Analysts are beginning to consider the impact on Q3 production at Anadarko (APC), Noble Energy (NBL), Bill Barrett (BBG) and others, though the extent is still unknown.

APC says it had shut in 670 operated wells out of ~5,800, 250 of 2,535 tank batteries and 20 of 3,200 miles of pipeline; APC's Wattenberg holdings produced 106K boe/day in Q2, less than 15% of overall production.

NBL also has shut in wells; its acreage in the area produced ~100K boe/day as of late July, about 35% of overall production, Simmons says.

BBG has reported minimal impact on its Colorado acreage, with four wells shut in.