More on Apple: Silver/gold 5S models scarce, iOS 7 installs surge

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9to5 Mac: "Every carrier source we’ve talked to and every US retail outlet we’ve heard from has told us that they are only getting in Space Grey iPhone 5S (AAPL +1.6%) devices for sale."

The site also reports "a few white/silver and even fewer gold iPhone 5s deliveries are trickling in the warehouses but hardly enough for wide dispersal by retail stores."

There have already been multiple reports this week of limited launch-day 5S inventories in the U.S.

Meanwhile, analytics firm Mixpanel reports 39% of the iOS devices accessing its network are now on iOS 7. Chitika says iOS 7 grew to make up 18.2% of its monitored iOS Web traffic within 24 hours, which compares with 14.8% for iOS 6 in its first 24 hours. (more details)

The NYC and SF Attorney Generals have issued a statement urging users to install iOS 7 on account of its Activation Lock feature, which can remotely render a lost/stolen device useless.

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