Apple roundup: 5S/5C mix, Apple TV software, A7 production

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Media reports suggest most of the iPhone (AAPL -0.2%) users who rushed to upgrade this morning opted for the 5S rather than the 5C. CNNMoney's Philip Elmer-Dewitt, who was at the flagship NYC Apple Store: "Everybody I asked was there to buy the iPhone 5S."

Dewitt qualifies his remarks by noting anyone looking to buy the 5C could have pre-ordered online (unlike the 5S). U.S. and U.K. carrier sources have reported 5C pre-orders have underwhelmed.

Meanwhile, as expected, Apple has rolled out an Apple TV software update. The refresh adds iTunes Radio support, as well as a feature called AirPlay from iCloud, which allows content to be streamed via iTunes. Google's new Chromecast HDMI stick enables streaming via the Chrome browser.

A new Apple TV set-top is reportedly due later this year.

A Chipworks analysis indicates the 5S' A7 CPU is made by Samsung rather than TSMC (TSM -1.4%). There had been reports Apple would tap TSMC to make the A7. However, the WSJ has reported TSMC would only start mass-production of Apple CPUs in 2014, while leveraging its next-gen 20nm process.

Chipworks also reports NXP (NXPI +1.6%) is manufacturing the 5S' M7 motion co-processor. Apple promises the M7 will improve battery life (by offloading tasks from the A7) and (by constantly recording movements) will enable new health, fitness, gaming, and mapping apps/services.

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