Despite big losses, Khosla keeps hope alive for biofuels investments

|By:, SA News Editor

KiOR (KIOR) was among the week's big gainers (+64%) after biofuels believer Vinod Khosla redoubled his commitment to the company, personally pledging to fund up to $25M in cash to KiOR in addition to the $25M to come from his firm Khosla Ventures.

Investors have largely given Khosla’s three public biobased fuels and chemicals companies - KiOR, Amyris (AMRS) and Gevo (GEVO) - the cold shoulder, and biobased fuels and chemicals are still a small proportion of the U.S. energy pool, but Khosla hasn't wavered.

All three companies went public within the past four years, before opening their first commercial production plants, and all have plunged sharply post-IPO, but all three are now at a point where they are producing out of commercial plants.