Report: Amazon working on two smartphones

|By:, SA News Editor

TechCrunch reports Amazon (AMZN) is developing two smartphones: a high-end model with a 3D UI and eye-tracking support, and a cheaper device with software similar to that found in Kindle Fire tablets.

The high-end phone, codenamed Smith, is said to have four cameras to help track eye/head movements and "give the impression" of 3D, as well as "an image recognition feature that lets users take a shot of any real-world object and match it to an Amazon product for purchase." Samsung has already added eye-tracking functionality to some of its phones.

The WSJ reported in May Amazon is working on two smartphones. A later rumor stating Amazon wanted to offer a smartphone for free was denied by the company.

"Your margin is my opportunity," Jeff Bezos famously quipped. On that count, there's still plenty of "opportunity" for Amazon in high-end smartphones, a market where devices with ~$200 manufacturing costs frequently sell for $500+ unsubsidized. But contending with Google and Apple's very strong apps/services ecosystems could prove easier said than done.

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