Google roundup: TV, solar, Brazil, anti-aging startup

|By:, SA News Editor

GigaOm reports Google TV (GOOG +0.4%) is set to be renamed Android TV. The report comes as Google gradually merges its TV platform with Android, and reportedly preps an Android game console,  following disappointing sales of Google TV hardware over the last two years.

While Google TV struggles, the $35 Chromecast HDMI stick is doing just fine. Chromecast is now the best-selling electronics device on Amazon.

Google is investing $103M in a California solar project as part of its efforts to be carbon-neutral. The investment comes shortly after Google committed to buying 240MW of power from a Texas wind farm.

Brazil is the latest country to start an antitrust investigation on Google. Regulators are examining Google's AdWords data-exporting policies, the "scraping" of content from comparison shopping sites, and accusations Google favors its own content in search results. FTC and EU regulators can sympathize.

Fortune reports Calico, Google's new anti-aging startup, is looking to "study the genetic causes of aging and then create drugs to address them." Google has reportedly committed "a minimum of hundreds of millions" of dollars to the company.