LinkedIn talks up mobile growth, site experiences issues

|By:, SA News Editor

Mobile now accounts for 38% of LinkedIn's (LNKD -1.2%) unique visits, up from 33% in Q2 and just 8% in Q1 2011, CEO Jeff Weiner discloses at a company event. He adds mobile's visit share is expected to top 50% next year, and that mobile users are 2.5x as active as PC users; LinkedIn has historically seen much lower average PC engagement than Facebook or Twitter.

Weiner also declares once again LinkedIn's long-term goal is to use its massive base of professional/business data to "develop the world’s first economic graph," one that will "map the global economy and and every economic opportunity in the world, either part-time or full-time."

Also: LinkedIn has unveiled Intro, a product that automatically provides iOS Mail app users with LinkedIn profile info for e-mail contacts. Intro works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and other e-mail services.

LinkedIn's event comes on a day when its site has been experiencing service outages. In June, LinkedIn saw an outage attributed to a "DNS issue."