Intel acquires interactive textbook startup Kno

|By:, SA News Editor

Intel (INTC) has acquired Kno, a creator and seller of digital textbooks that can be viewed through mobile, Web, and Windows apps. Terms are undisclosed; with Kno having raised $73M to date, odds are the price tag is in nine figures.

Kno's platform allows publishers to convert standard digital textbooks into interactive titles sporting features such as flash cards, quizzes, and embedded instructional videos, as well as a dashboard that keeps track of reading activity. Intel points out Kno, which competes with Amazon, Apple, and Google's e-textbook offerings, offers 225K titles via 75 publishers.

Though acquiring a digital textbook seller is off the beaten path for Intel, the chip giant does sell home-grown tablets and notebooks meant for the education market, as well as an education-focused software suite.

Moreover, Intel hasn't been shy about making software/services acquisitions it thinks can help drive demand for its CPUs. And Kno might indirectly help the company in a market (tablet processors) where it needs to play catch-up.

Kno is yet another e-textbook rival for online textbook rental leader Chegg (CHGG), which is set to go public in the upcoming week at a relatively modest valuation.