Yahoo's video chief leaves; evaluation system reportedly leads to 600+ firings

|By:, SA News Editor

Yahoo (YHOO +2.2%) video content chief Erin McPherson has left the company to join major YouTube content provider Maker Studios. McPherson's departure comes nearly four months after media chief Mickie Rosen left (no replacement has been named yet), and at a time when the company is searching for ways to grow its video content base (and thus its video ad inventory) following the French government's scuttling of the Dailymotion acquisition.

Separately, Kara Swisher reports a new employee evaluation system implemented by Marissa Mayer has led to the firing of 600+ workers in recent weeks (5% of Yahoo's workforce), and has upset managers who believe they're forced to give a portion of their staff poor reviews.

Though Mayer denies such ratings are required, Swisher states "dozens of perturbed Yahoos are sending me emails complaining that managers perceive it as required." Much of the blame is directed at HR chief Jackie Reses, whom Mayer hired a year ago from P-E firm Apax Partners.

Swisher also reports Mayer, occasionally criticized for micromanaging, was "very involved" in creating the new ratings system, sometimes even "calibrating the final rating details for employees, the recommended raise, bonus and equity awards and a short summary of accomplishments."