Sony higher on Morgan Stanley upgrade; early PS4 reviews positive

|About: Sony Corporation (SNE)|By:, SA News Editor

Morgan Stanley has upped Sony (SNE +3.3%) to Overweight ahead of tomorrow's U.S. PlayStation 4 launch. Shares are now up 11% on the week, thanks in large part to growing expectations the PS4's lower price and gaming focus will allow Sony to take the home console crown back from Microsoft.

Initial reviews and first takes for the PS4 have been decent. Polygon, Joystiq, and Kotaku all heap praise on the console's DualShock 4 controller; Polygon calls it "the best controller Sony has ever made," but wishes its battery life was better. Time states the PS4 "exudes refinement," and is "a system that feels multipurpose-built and confidently purposeful." The Verge calls the first PS4 games it has played "nothing if not absolutely gorgeous."

Sony's revamped software/UI gets mixed reviews. The console's social sharing features, dynamic menus, and improved PlayStation Store layout are well-liked, but its complex menus aren't. However, an improved PlayStation Network is deemed much more competitive with Xbox Live.

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