ILFC bidders try to add investors

|By:, SA News Editor

Among those in talks to join the investor group led by Hong Kong-based P3 Investments are Taiwanese big shot Richard Tsai and China's Xiao Jianhua, reports Bloomberg, citing sources close to the matter. Tsai's family - they say - could take a majority stake in the takeover bid, while Xiao's contribution is more about financing.

It's quite a web as Tsai is also a limited partner of P3 and U.S. regulators will only approve a sale if there is no dominant shareholder in the buyout consortium. Also interested in the deal is Fubon Financial, of which Tsai is vice chairman.

The deal for AIG to close the $4.2B sale of ILFC has missed a number of deadlines as the original consortium of buyers fell apart.

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