Organovo crashes following bearish SA column

|About: Organovo Holdings, Inc. (ONVO)|By:, SA News Editor

SA contributor Richard Pearson argues Organovo's (ONVO -30%) revenue potential "should be expected to add up to just a few million dollars over the next few years," rather than the hundreds of millions expected by bulls.

Pearson asserts plenty of competition already exists for Organovo's liver toxicology assays, with some offerings priced very aggressively. He also points out Organovo doesn't expect to launch its 3D-printed assay offering until Dec. 2014, and estimates the total market size amounts to "a few thousand units at most."

Also mentioned: Only 7.99% of Organovo's shares are held by institutions; Organovo's non-cash assets (i.e. its IP) has been valued at only $900K; insider selling has been considerable; and Organovo's R&D collaboration revenue has been declining.

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