Yahoo reportedly eying image-hosting platform Imgur

|By:, SA News Editor

BI reports Yahoo (YHOO -0.3%) "began serious talks" to acquire popular image-hosting/sharing platform Imgur this fall. Given current startup valuations and reports of strong VC/acquisition interest in Imgur, a deal likely wouldn't come cheap, though its price tag would probably be less than the $1.1B Yahoo paid for Tumblr.

Imgur had 100M+ unique users as of September, up from just 30M at the beginning of 2012. Unlike Yahoo's Flickr (or for that matter, Facebook/Instagram), a large portion of its content doesn't consist of photos taken by users, but 3rd-party images (often animated and/or featuring text) created with public sharing in mind.

Initially created as a image-hosting solution for article-sharing site Reddit, Imgur's reach now exceeds Reddit. Facebook and Twitter account for much of its referral traffic.

Much like Tumblr, it's quite popular with the younger users Yahoo wants to reach out to. Also like Tumblr, some of its edgy and offbeat material may rub advertisers the wrong way.