GSV Capital jumps; SA contributor believes NAV has risen sharply

|About: GSV Capital (GSVC)|By:, SA News Editor

SA contributor Illuminati Investments believes Twitter's post-IPO gains, the high valuation reportedly attached to a new funding round for Palantir Technologies, and "a probable value increase" for Dropbox (reportedly looking to raise funding at an $8B valuation) should result in GSV Capital (GSVC +4.7%) reporting an end-of-Q4 NAV that's at least $3.80/share higher than the $13.16/share the company claimed to have at the end of Q3, in spite of Chegg and Violin Memory's disappointing IPOs.

GSV currently trades at a ~30% discount to the Illuminati's NAV estimate. Given this discount, the author thinks GSV should launch a buyback, since doing so "would be akin to purchasing shares in a number of promising companies at a huge discount," and raises the possibility of an activist investor prodding the firm to initiate one.