BP suffers setback in Gulf oil spill case

|About: BP p.l.c. (BP)|By:, SA News Editor

New Orleans District Judge Carl Barbier has rejected a request from BP (BP) that companies seeking compensation for the 2010 Gulf oil spill provide proof that the disaster caused them economic losses.

An appeals court had told Barbier to reassess the terms of a settlement between BP and the victims of the spill after the company argued that some claimants were unjustifiably receiving payouts. However, Barbier ruled that as part of the accord, BP had originally agreed that some claimants wouldn't have to provide evidence of damages.

Barbier, though, did reverse a previous position and agreed with BP that losses related to the spill should be calculated based on revenue and expenses.

BP, which has said that it has had to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in fictitious claims, plans to appeal the overall ruling.