Nokia obtains German injunction against HTC phone sales

|About: HTC Corporation (HTCKF)|By:, SA News Editor

A Munich court has placed an injunction on the German sale of all HTC (HTCKF) Android phones deemed to be infringing a Nokia (NOK -0.8%) patent covering the transmission of resource data between devices via Bluetooth or NFC.

The German ruling follows U.S. and U.K. court wins by Nokia in its legal battle against HTC, as well as a separate injunction (related to a USB patent) from a Munich court. Nokia can enforce the new injunction by posting a €400M ($550M) bond or security deposit. HTC will almost certainly appeal the ruling, and might also attempt a workaround involving Wi-Fi-based data transfers.

Nokia has been expected to try to more aggressively monetize its IP in the wake of the Microsoft deal. Chinese OEMs are on edge over the possibility, as are EU regulators.