2013 Xbox One sales topped 3M

|By:, SA News Editor

With CES underway, Microsoft (MSFT -1.7%) announces it sold 3M+ Xbox One units in 2013, following the console's Nov. 22 launch.

The company announced on Dec. 11 sales had topped 2M. Nomura has forecast 2013 sales would be in the 3M-4M range, while adding the Xbox business could see $1B+ in 2013 losses.

Sony (SNE +0.7%) announced in early December it had sold 2.1M+ PlayStation 4 units since the console's Nov. 15 launch. The company is aiming for 5M sales in FY14 (ends in March), and has said it's comfortable with analyst forecasts for 3M 2013 sales.

AMD (AMD +3.9%), the CPU/GPU supplier for both consoles, has been estimated by IHS to receive $110 per Xbox One unit, and $100 per PS4 unit.