Sprint launches "Framily" plan, targets rivals via group discounts

|About: Sprint Corporation (S)|By:, SA News Editor

Showing a clear disregard for both traditional family plans and the English language, Sprint (S) has launched its "Framily" plan, a program that gives groups of 2-10 friends and family members the ability to obtain discounts by signing up together (they're still billed separately). (PR)

$5/month in savings is provided to each user for every line that's added to a plan, up to a maximum of $30/month. Sprint notes users in a group of 7-10 people would pay just $25/month for unlimited talk/text and 1GB of data. However, users can't obtain phone subsidies along the way.

Sprint and T-Mobile (TMUS) have become increasingly aggressive with their pricing over the last year, as they  pull out all the stops to take share from bigger rivals Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T).

AT&T is showing signs it's willing to return fire a bit, but Verizon, by far the biggest U.S. mobile share-gainer in 2013, appears fully committed to its premium pricing strategy.

T-Mobile's Un-Carrier 4.0 event, expected to feature the launch of a program providing credit that can be used to pay off termination fees, is set for tomorrow.