CytRx gets OK to extend drug-dosing cycles in Phase III cancer study

|About: CytRx Corporation (CYTR)|By:, SA News Editor

CytRx (CYTR +9.4%) jumps after the FDA approves the lengthening of the dosing cycles of the firm's Aldoxorubicin treatment for soft-tissue sarcomas in a Phase III trial.

Patients will now receive Aldoxorubicin until disease progression, defined as "an increase in the size of measurable tumors by 20% or the development of a new tumor lesion." Originally, subjects were only to receive the treatment for six cycles.

The study is due to begin this quarter.

"In addition to observing no significant cardiotoxicity of Aldoxorubicin to this point, the FDA's agreement to extend dosing beyond six cycles offers the potential to achieve even greater progression-free survival...(than) in CytRx's recent highly successful global Phase 2b trial for advanced soft tissue sarcomas," says Sant Chawla, the principal investigator of the Phase 3 testing. (PR)