WSJ: Odds are against Oil Search joining Papua New Guinea gas project

|By:, SA News Editor

Anyone expecting Oil Search (OISHF) to conclude a deal soon with Total (TOT -2.1%) and InterOil (IOC -1.3%) to join their Papua New Guinea gas project may be thinking wishfully, according to a WSJ report.

OISHF likely will need to issue new shares to fund a deal, but that isn’t easy to do right now, as any capital raise likely would happen at a discount to the prevailing stock price; but it's the potential blow it would inflict on the government in Papua New Guinea that is more likely to stay Oil Search CEO Peter Botten’s hand for a while, David Winning writes.

Another take is that TOT will want to appraise the gas reserves at the Elk and Antelope fields further before rushing to bring in a new partner; if TOT finds there is enough gas to support a new export project, then it makes partnering with OIS less attractive.

This was corrected on 01/24/2014 at 11:13 AM. used incorrect symbol; should be OISHF, not OIS