Amazon reportedly prepping sub-$300 set-top/game console

|By:, SA News Editor

Multiple sources tell VG 24/7 Amazon (AMZN +1.3%) plans to launch "a dedicated games and entertainment device this year priced below $300." Not surprisingly, the device reportedly runs on Android and is the work of Amazon's secretive Lab 126 unit (responsible for its Kindle hardware).

Amazon is said to be meeting with game publishing execs to brief them on the hardware, and has used popular Android/iOS titles to demo the device.

The report comes after Amazon sent out an invite for a developer event in which the company claimed it's "working on a new revolutionary [Version 1] product that will allow us to deliver Digital Media to customers in new ways."

There were several reports (I, II) last year stating an Amazon set-top is in development, with some claiming the device would also act as a console. The Verge reported in October Amazon's box had been delayed.

Google is also reportedly working on an Android set-top/console, and Apple is reportedly planning to launch a refreshed Apple TV with game support.

Amazon, Google, and Apple's rumored devices are all seen trying to disrupt the traditional console market by offering cheaper casual gaming/video-streaming systems that support the rapid porting of mobile games. If the reports pan out, Sony (SNE +1%), Nintendo (NTDOY), and Microsoft (MSFT) won't be thrilled.