More on Arlington Asset results

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Non-GAAP core operating income of $16.4M of $0.97 per share compares to $1.03 in Q3 and quarterly payout of $0.88.

Non-agency portfolio of $485.9M in face value compares to $1.5B in face value for agency portfolio. Company leverage is about 3:1.

Agency portfolio CPR  of 6.27%, non-agency at 14.2%.

After strongly outperforming the mREIT sector in 2013 thanks to its agency portfolio being fully hedged while the non-agency holdings improved along with the economy and the housing market, Arlington (AI) has struggled in 2014 - the fall in rates doesn't help the hedged agency paper, and the slowing economy bodes ill for the non-agency. The stock was off 4.7% yesterday.

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