Reports: Google to make ad product chief YouTube CEO

|By:, SA News Editor

The Information and re/code report Google (GOOG +0.2%) plans to make Susan Wojcicki, the head of the company's far-flung ad/commerce product ops (including AdWords, AdSense, and DoubleClick), the new CEO of YouTube. Current YouTube chief Salar Kamangar is expected to move to another role within Google.

Sources tell re/code Wojcicki "had been interested in running her own thing," and was being targeted by recruiters. The site also notes Wojcicki, though well-respected, isn't the type of exec that's "comfortable schmoozing with advertisers and Hollywood."

The reports come as YouTube continues seeing rapid ad sales and mobile traffic growth - eMarketer has estimated 2013 gross revenue of $5.6B, +51% Y/Y - but also contends with growing angst among content creators large and small over their ability to monetize the platform.

Om Malik thinks the shuffle indicates Google "lacks management depth especially as it expands everywhere."

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Update: Google has confirmed Wojcicki is now in charge of YouTube