Morgan Stanley: Tesla's business model is bigger than you think

|By:, SA News Editor

It's all green lights for Tesla Motors (TSLA +17.1%) with the Model S and Model X set to create a "100% captive ecosystem" for the company, according to Morgan Stanley.

Analyst Adam Jonas sees Tesla Motors grabbing a respectable 0.9% of the global automobile market by 2028, but it's in other industries the analyst gets dreamy over Tesla's profit potential.

By having a jump on rivals with its gigafactory, Tesla could dive right into the $1.5T electric utility market. Morgan identifies a wide variety of potential energy plays for Tesla - including off-peak grid storage, transportable energy storage systems, and black start provisions for end users.

Autonomous cars is another burgeoning industry in which Tesla could be well-positioned due to its early start with connected EVs. It doesn't hurt to be the only automaker with a corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley as technology with self-driving cars races forward.