Glaxo pulls the plug on lupus drug development

|By:, SA News Editor

GSK (GSK) has called it quits on its GSK2586184 treatment for lupus - which it's developing with Belgian biotech Galapagos (GLPGF) - after a Phase 2 study failed to demonstrate a positive effect. A Phase1/2 trial for ulcerative colitis was put on hold as well, although dosing in a Phase 2 trial for the skin condition psoriasis has just been completed.

Galapagos' relationship with Glaxo goes back seven years and included $300M in potential milestone payments. Galapagos was in line for a $34M payment for the start of the Phase 2 study.

Glaxo's decision over lupus shows its willingness to end development that's not working - last year, the company pulled the plug on ChemoCentryx's Vercirnon, abruptly ending a $1.5B collaboration after a Phase 3 trial failed. (PR)