Report: TSMC begins producing Apple's A8 CPU

|By:, SA News Editor

Taiwan's Commercial Times reports (translation) TSMC (TSM +1.9%) has begun manufacturing Apple's next-gen A8 CPU.

The A8, believed to be using TSMC's cutting-edge 20nm manufacturing process (just began volume production), is expected to find its way into new iPhones and iPads this year.

A Korean paper reported last September TSMC will handle 60%-70% of A8 production, and traditional Apple foundry partner Samsung will handle the rest. More recently, A Taiwanese site reported (translation) Apple won't be using Samsung for A8 production due to yield issues.

Nonetheless, and in spite of Apple and Samsung's well-known differences, Apple is expected to go with a dual-foundry strategy for production of its A9 CPU (expected in 2015).