More trouble at Pimco

|By:, SA News Editor

It turns out it was three, not two lined up to be deputy CIOs to Bill Gross amid the departure of Mohamed El-Erian. One - Marc Seidner - resigned in January just hours before he was to be publicly announced in his new position. Seidner - who followed El-Erian to Pimco in 2009 - reportedly had found working there increasingly difficult over the last 18 months, with Gross becoming "increasingly illogical and irrational."

In other news Pimco has lost a $1.3B bond fund mandate to TCW.

Pimco's parent: Allianz (AZSEY)

Among Pimco's closed-end offerings are: PTY, PDI, PMF, PGP, PKO, PFL, PFN, PCN, PCM, PHK, RCS, PMF, PML. There's also the ETF version of Bill Gross' Total Return Fund: BOND.