Another tough quarter for Gross' Total Return Fund

|By:, SA News Editor

The world's biggest bond mutual fund (ETF version: BOND) had a YTD total return of 1.28% through Thursday, according to Morningstar, trailing 87% of its peers. The benchmark Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index (ETF: AGG) returned 2.03%.

Already keeping a close eye on Gross' performance following 2013's 1.92% loss - the worst performance since 1994 - investors have been shaken by the ugly divorce between Pimco and Mohamed El-Erian.

Longer-term: Total Return has averaged a total return of 6.91% over the past five years, beating 55% of peers and the benchmark return of 4.89%. Its 6.6% average return over the past 15 years beat 96% of peers.

The Total Return Fund had $41B of outflows in 2013, with investors pulling another $5.1B in this year's first two months. Pimco parent Allianz (AZSEY -0.7%) continues to struggle alongside its cash cow. It's off 7.6% YTD.