Twitter makes a flurry of product moves amid growth worries

|By:, SA News Editor

Fresh off a Q4 in which it posted disappointing MAU/timeline view growth, Twitter (TWTR) is: 1) Giving users the Facebook-like ability to tag other users in photos. 2) Testing a photo-heavy profile page redesign for its iOS app (previous). 3) Experimenting with replacing its "retweet" feature with a similar feature called "share," and offering the ability to create a timeline of one's "favorite" users.

Twitter's ad team, meanwhile, is reportedly getting set to launch mobile app install ads, an ad format Facebook has had much success selling to developers struggling to get noticed in the App Store and Google Play.

Much like its conversation view (launched last year) and its plans to allow mobile users to quickly add phone book contacts, many of the product changes are aimed at making Twitter more palatable to those bewildered by its interface and content streams.

A recent Deutsche survey found 80% of ex-Twitter users said they would be motivated to return if better filtering/sorting tools. 67% would be motivated if more of their friends joined, and 66% if there was more photo/video-sharing. Deutsche also found 58.5% of those who quit had less than 10 followers.

A Hillside Partners analysis found Twitter sharing has fallen 5% Y/Y in Q1. Over the same time, Facebook likes and shares respectively grew 31% and 14%.