Analysis: Eddie Lampert should take Jeff Bezos' call

|By:, SA News Editor

Amazon (AMZN +0.5%) should take the giant step of acquiring Sears Holdings (SHLD +13.3%) to instantly create a distribution network and omnichannel answer, writes Robin Lewis.

A move by Amazon to buy Sears in one full swoop would be faster and more efficient than building a retail network from ground up.

In addition to the real estate assets, Lewis notes Amazon might be able to bolt on Sears' e-commerce business and charge some life into its once-vibrant brands.

For Sears, a sale to Amazon makes sense because the string might be run out on Eddie Lampert's financial engineering plays.

The wildcard in the mix is unwinding the complex morass of business units and brands that Eddie Lampert created at the company to unlock value.